Veritas is a yearly magazine published by the College which focuses on the news and achievements of Dominic Old Scholars, the history of the school and celebrations involving the Old Scholar community.

Download the latest issue here:

From 2023 the magazine is delivered electronically, in line with the school's aspiration to care for the environment.

An electronic copy of previous Veritas issues can be read or downloaded from below:

If you would like to keep up to date with Dominic Old Scholar news and receive an emailed link to this digital publication, contact the Dominic Old Scholar Coordinator, Mark Dillon, on (03) 6274 6000 or oldscholars@dominic.tas.edu.au

If you have any news about a Dominic Old Scholar that you would like to share or would like to find out more about a reunion, please contact us.

Other Old Scholar publications

Before Veritas magazine commenced in 2011 there have been a variety of published newsletters for old scholars.

"Glenews" was an early old scholars newsletter published by Savio College and in 1973 Glenews became DOSA News which was published regularly until 2000.

We will gradually add scanned copies of these publications to this page:


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Ex-students may enjoy a look at a from the 1960s which the girls at Holy Name endeavoured to live up to...