Individual Learning

ƵƬ, as an inclusive College, provides an individual learning program which is committed to supporting the needs of our students. Our students have diverse and differing abilities that impel us as educators to seek the best ways to achieve equity and excellence.

Students who require differentiated education in order to reach their potential are catered for in a variety of ways. This may include adjustments in the curriculum and modifications to instruction, as well as in the physical environment. Teacher aide support, provision of specialist teacher support, assistive technology, specialized equipment and liaising with outside agencies may be applied. The creation of individual education plans, access to individual academic assessments and professional development for staff is also utilized to maximize the holistic development of the student.

Throughout Years K – 10, support classes are offered in key literacy and numeracy areas, as well as one on one support for students to develop necessary academic and/or developmental skills. Students have ownership of realistic yet challenging goals. All students have access to iPads or laptops which assists in providing a range of stimulating and engaging activities across all subject areas.

Students needing differentiated education in order to reach their potential include those who require learning support, those who have English as an additional language and those who are gifted and talented.

Partnerships between parents, students, administration, teachers, and, teacher aides are an integral part of the individual learning program.