College Colours awards

College Colours are a level of recognition for exceptional achievement that can be worn on the College blazer in our students’ final year at ƵƬ – Year 10.

The College Colours process is designed to recognise exceptional achievement in a designated area of the college. Students meeting certain criteria can apply to have an embroidered bar colour on their blazer pocket for outstanding achievement in the areas of Mission, Academics, Creative Arts and Sport.

The ƵƬ Colour Awards are predicated upon the following:

  • That awards are acknowledgment of participation and achievement beyond the standard normally expected of students.
  • That the standard of participation expected of students includes notions of commitment, dedication, good sportsmanship and perseverance.

Eligibility Criteria and Ideals

Each domain (Mission, Academic, Creative Arts and Sport) has its own eligibility criteria which can be found on the College Website: . However, there are four common ideals that apply across all areas:

The Ideal of Excellence
Awards should be reserved for students whose achievements identify them as outstanding in all respects: attitude, performance and outcomes.

The Ideal of Commitment
Whilst it is expected that all students will be committed to their endeavours, students who receive a Colour Award must consistently display dedicated commitment to their chosen area.

The Ideal of Integrity
Students should act with dignity and integrity in all areas of College life.

The Ideal of Service
Recipients should make consistent ongoing contributions over a period of time to the domain for which they are recognised.

Application Process

Year 9 students are briefed in Term 4 and receive a copy of the process and the selection criteria for all four domains. Students are asked to reflect on whether they meet the selection criteria before applying to the Director in charge of that Domain.

Applications are due in November. Successful recipients are informed in December and commence wearing their Colours Badges in their final year at Dominic.