Parents & Friends

We have an active Parents & Friends Community at ƵƬ, providing an important avenue for interaction and communication through social events and regular meetings. The P&F provides significant assistance to the College through fundraising, working bees and forums on issues of interest to parents.

The major fundraiser which the P&F coordinates and is responsible for, is the College Fair.

The purpose of the P&F is to:

  • Strive to develop in the College a real community of parents, teachers and students which reflects a truly Salesian ethos
  • Work collaboratively with the Principal and other College authorities in the pursuit of common goals
  • Ensure that a high level of interaction exists between the home and the College, and parents and teachers
  • Endeavor to have all parents enjoy the exciting experience of their children's formal school years by their active participation and personal involvement in the learning activities and life of the College
  • Assist parents to better understand and to appreciate more fully, the teaching and learning programmes being implemented in the College
  • Create a healthy forum for ideas to be discussed on any relevant issue that will benefit the education of the children or the College Community
  • Provide additional resources which are considered necessary for the children or for the teachers in their professional work
  • Assist in planning and organising functions associated with the social, cultural, spiritual and educational life of the College Community

All Dominic parents are welcome to join the P&F Committee anytime throughout the year. The committee meets regularly in the College Library at 7.15pm. For specific dates, please refer to the College calendar.

If you would like more information on the P&F, or would like to pop into a meeting, or would like to join, contact the P&F by email: parentsandfriends@dominic.tas.edu.au