ƵƬ welcomes and encourages our families to support the College by volunteering their time helping with the many curricular and co-curricular activities and programs within the ƵƬ community and we are very grateful to those currently support the college in this way.

There are plenty of opportunities for parents to help with classroom programs and activities, particularly in the K-6 years. There are also many events throughout the year where the school would eagerly welcome your help, such as at sporting carnivals and the Twilight Fair.

Please inform your child's class teacher of your interest in volunteering and contact the ƵƬ business office for more information. A Working with Vulnerable People card for volunteers will be required. The school will reimburse you for your registration costs on presentation of your receipt and current card.

Information and an online application is available from Working with Vulnerable People card.

Those who volunteer very infrequently may not be required to register for the WWVP card. If you are involved in an onsite college activity fewer than 5 days in any calendar year, then you may not be required to complete the WWVP registration. Please note that when volunteering under these conditions, there must be a teacher or another person with a Working with Vulnerable People registration present at all times.

At the discretion of the college due to the nature of some activities, we may require you to complete the application process regardless of the frequency in which you volunteer for onsite activities. If volunteering support for any offsite activities or excursions, WWVP registration is mandatory.

Code of Conduct for Volunteers