Launch into Learning: Pre-kinder

ƵƬ commenced its Launch into Learning Program for pre-kinder children and their parents in 2017.

This program recognises and reinforces our philosophy that parents are the primary educators and that the nature and quality of children’s experiences in the first phase of their life, before they commence school, are critical to their healthy development as learners.

Why join Launch into Learning?

A body of longitudinal research now highlights the effectiveness of Launch into Learning programs as significantly supporting children to achieve success as they commence and continue formal schooling.

Our Launch into Learning will support transition into our Kindergarten through a range of physical, social and emotional development activities and early literacy and numeracy experiences.

What can you expect?

Parents and carers can expect a warm and welcoming environment where their children will:

  • Play together using a full array of stimuli
  • Experience dancing, singing and music making
  • Listen to story-telling and use movement and hand puppets to enter the story
  • Have fun with and in the water
  • Immerse themselves in our huge communal sandpit
  • Explore our gardens and bush setting with purpose
  • Enjoy fine and gross motor development activities
  • Go on exciting excursions together
  • Celebrate cultural festivals, especially those connected to our Japanese program
  • Be engaged in integrated foundational literacy and numeracy
  • Learn about God and visit our Chapel
  • Learn and practise good manners with each other
  • Take advantage of our Aboriginal Program
  • Borrow books from our library

Who’s who in Launch into Learning?

The program is open to pre-kinder children and parents who want to enjoy a family centered environment. Grandparents are welcome to bring their grandchild if parents are working or ill.

In 2024, Launch into Learning is being run by Ms Amelia Hill-Mundy, who will take both the Thursday and Friday sessions. 

Parents, grandparents, or relatives must accompany the child to the sessions

  • Thursday: One session - 9.15am - 10.30am
  • Friday: Two sessions - 9.15am - 10.30am or 11.15am - 12.30pm

What are the benefits of Dominic Launch into Learning?

You and your child will be involved in activities that will:

  • help them make friends
  • help develop their oral language
  • help develop their reading readiness
  • support their imagination and creativity
  • support their physical development
  • build their social and emotional skills
  • support their overall brain development

Launch into Learning will prepare your child for school – parents and children together will make friends for life at ƵƬ.

Are there costs?

There are no costs for attending the program. Parents are asked to bring snacks for their children. Tea and coffee for parents are provided for a gold coin donation.

How do I enrol?

Just come along - we look forward to meeting you!