ƵƬ has a strong focus on leadership formation and development.

Peer leadership

Our founder Don Bosco placed a great emphasis on the leadership of his older students to the younger students. He believed that young people especially, had huge capacity to positively influence those younger than them. We believe this at ƵƬ and this is why we develop student leadership as vertically integrated peer leadership.

Leadership as service to others

Leadership at Dominic and in the wider Church is about making choices in the best interest of others – for the good of others.

The badge of leadership at ƵƬ is a badge of service and commitment to others in the Salesian tradition. We believe that a true leader is a servant to others and hence a servant of God.

To be an authentic servant leader is one of the most challenging commitments a leader can undertake. To serve with humility, compassion and forgiveness and a sincere love for all who enter our lives is even more challenging. None of us can even aspire to do this without the guidance of the life of Jesus Christ and the grace of God

Student Leadership Structure

Four students from Years 4, 5 and 6 are elected to represent their peers on the Student Representative Council. This group meet about once a month, and is chaired by the Year 10 Vice-College Captains. A male and a female House Captain are elected for each house from the Year 6 students, with these students showing leadership in all house based events. Two Captains and Vice-Captains are elected from the Year 6 cohort, and they represent the school in all formal occasions throughout the year. Year 6 Captains and Vice-Captains are also formally inducted along with elected leaders from Years 7-10.

In Years 7 – 9 four students from each year level are selected by their peers to be their representatives on the Student Representative Council. This Council is chaired by both Year 10 College Captains and Vice-Captains. This student council provides students with a voice and body to have their ideas and concerns heard.

In addition, there is one House Captain per house for each of the following areas; academic, sports, mission and creative arts. These captains help organise events specific to their designated area, and then lead their Houses through the event.

Leadership formation is developed throughout the year; however several specific training opportunities exist. The College Captains elected for the following year attend the Salesian Leader Conference with their counterparts from other Australian Salesian Colleges at the end of each calendar year. All leaders attend a specific leadership formation day that follows on from their induction as well as attend the GRIP Leadership Training Day.

2023 Student Leaders

These students received their badges and Year 10 leaders were presented with their black ties, both blessed by our College Rector, in a ritual that recognised our foundational beliefs about leadership.

You can see a list of all the leaders here: Student Leaders