Published histories of ƵƬ

There have been a handful of general histories of the ƵƬ and its predecessors, Boys' Town, Savio College and Holy Name School.

As with any history, the "facts" presented are by necessity the viewpoint of the author/editor of the articles who has always decided what information to include and omit. As these are documents from their own historical time, the language used is a product of the culture of the author, and information quoted may not be correct or even accurate.

Nevertheless, these are important historical documents and are made available for your interest.

'History of Savio College' in DOSA News 1975-1976 Basil Fox

Each Honest Worker: the Salesians of Don Bosco in the State of Tasmania 1946-1997 Fr Joseph Lee 1997 Glenorchy

Boat to Boy's Town P Allsopp and D Despard ALBE Resources Unit (TAS) 1995?

From Tiny Potatoes: A Great Parish Grew Cecily Verrier St John's Parish, Glenorchy c1998

Our old scholars magazine, Veritas, has been published annually since 2011 and includes general interest material about the College and its students, as well as information for old scholars, plus many short biographies of a range of old scholars.

There are also historical research articles including:

'Founding Boys' Town' Mark Dillon in Veritas 2015

'The Arrival of the Salesians at Boys' Town, Glenorchy' Mark Dillon in Veritas 2016

'Education begins at Boys' Town' Mark Dillon in Veritas 2017

'Why Did Child Migrants come to Boys' Town' Mark Dillon in Veritas 2013

'Applying for Child Migrants' Mark Dillon in Veritas 2018

75 Years anniversary of the Salesians in Glenorchy

In November 2021, the College celebrated 75 years since the Salesians arrived in Glenorchy, including the launch of a new publication.

You can read more about these events and this publication here: 75 Years.

The new Memorial Wall in the Chapel

A new Memorial Wall was blessed 19 November 2021 by Fr Bernie Graham SDB and Fr Guy Riolo SDB.

You can read more about the Memorial Wall and view the plaques here: .