A School of Choice

When you choose a Catholic, co-educational, Kindergarten to Year 10 education at ƵƬ, you will benefit from the strengths of our faith, our experience and our resources.

Kindergarten to Year 10 College all together on one site

Dominic students have a consistent learning environment and community right through from Kindergarten to Year 10, making the transition from primary to secondary years seamless.

ƵƬ is also home to the Dominic Early Learning Centre, a state of the art, Early Learning Centre that offers Long Day Care, Before and After School Care and Vacation Care to children aged between 0 and 12 years old. The service also offers a Pre-Kindergarten program designed to ensure that children have the best start possible to school, socially, emotionally and developmentally.

A Catholic School in the Salesian Tradition

ƵƬ is a Catholic community within the Salesian tradition; the only school of its kind in Tasmania. The Salesian system of education is based on religion, reason and loving kindness, that promotes the active and caring presence of educators with students from all backgrounds.

The Salesian school community of today provides for students:

  • A home that welcomes
  • A parish that evangelizes
  • A school that prepares for life
  • A playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves

A Values Based Education

The College has clear values, expectations and support systems. ƵƬ values reflect those of the Gospels, exemplified in Jesus' life:

  • Love and service;
  • Respect for oneself, each other, the Faith, and the environment;
  • Honesty in word and action;
  • Responsibility for conduct, appearance and commitments in and out of school;
  • Diligence in class work and homework;
  • Safety for all in work and play.

These values enable the College to provide a supportive and challenging atmosphere where students can experience and develop leadership and decision making skills, and a sense of personal worth so that students can support and respond to an ever-changing society and become life-long learners. Our values also create a strong friendship community. Friends made at ƵƬ are friends for life.

Co-educational – The Best of Both Worlds

The ƵƬ educational model is a contemporary model of schooling. It moved four decades ago from being single sex schools for girls and boys to a coeducational school based on its researched strengths.

  • Co-education better prepares students for managing the diversity of the workforce and the diversity of society.
  • It allows students to develop friendships in a very natural way across genders providing an environment where young people express their views openly and assertively in the classroom and are not overwhelmed by delayed exposure to the opposite sex. Research shows that students in co-educational settings feel much safer in such environments compared to non-co-educational settings.
  • Both boys and girls at ƵƬ attain the same distinction in terms of academic achievement: the percentage of A grades is equally high for both genders, indicating that neither gender is disadvantaged by the other, by being in the same classroom. In fact the reverse is true, both are enhanced by the presence of the other. Our high achievers in Maths, English and Science have always been across both genders and continue to be so.
  • A co-educational setting very successfully challenges sexist attitudes. Students learn that 'equality' does not necessarily mean 'sameness' – that men and women often have different perspectives on the same issues but that each approach has a great deal to offer the other. Research shows that the level of confidence and respect girls and boys have for themselves and each other is significantly higher in coeducation settings.

Professional, Dedicated, Caring Staff

At ƵƬ, we believe in being a community where staff, students and parents work together. The staff at ƵƬ are a dynamic, hardworking and talented team. Generosity and service are key features of the College staff with each staff member modelling two important characteristics that our founder Saint John Bosco emulated – kindness and cheerfulness. With our staff leading the way in a culture of lifelong learning, our students are encouraged to aspire to do the same.

Programs of Excellence

At ƵƬ we believe in the education of the whole child academically and spiritually, as well as physically, culturally, socially and emotionally to ensure that each of our students are fully equipped to achieve incredible goals.


Kindergarten classes are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework with a sound introduction to fundamental literacy and numeracy. They also enjoy programs from specialist teachers for Music, Japanese, Physical Education, and Cooking.

Prep – Year 6

The Prep – Year 6 curriculum develops a solid foundation in the key learning areas of Religious Education, Literacy and Numeracy as well as studies in Creative Arts (Drama, Visual Art and Music), Health and Physical Education, Science, Studies of Society and the Environment, Japanese, Technology, and Food Studies.

Year 7 – 10

Our Year 7 – 10 curriculum is structured to engage students in authentic learning to develop logical and creative thinking and to prepare learners for an ever-changing world. Our students are encouraged to be inquiring and reflective thinkers, effective communicators, responsible citizens and self-directed and ethical people. Year 7-10 students have a comprehensive curriculum in which students study core subjects in addition to having over 30 elective subject choices.

Learning and Wellbeing

The Learning and Wellbeing Program is at the heart of daily life at ƵƬ. Our aim is to create and maintain a happy and harmonious atmosphere in which there is sensitivity to the needs of young people and encouragement to study and strive for the highest standard of academic achievement. ƵƬ has set in place a supportive structure to assist us in ensuring each student feels welcome and accepted in our community. This structure is facilitated by the College's House organisation and vertically streamed Learning and Wellbeing groups. Our commitment to Religious Education, the College Counsellor and our vigorous Safe School Policy are all features of our effective Learning and Wellbeing Program.

Integrated Technology into Learning

ƵƬ believes that information technology is a key area of learning in the 21st century. Students from Year 5 – 10 are each provided with their own laptop for learning. Students from Kindergarten – Year 4 utilise banks of laptops, iPads, touch screens and interactive whiteboards.

Extensive Co-curricular Program

ƵƬ offers a wide array of optional activities, which enrich students outside of the classroom and enable them to build their personal, interpersonal and social skills. Activities such as inter-school sport, choir, bands, drama performances, debating, photography, out-reach programs and involvement in community events are just some of the opportunities on offer to our students.

Landmark Property

Our picturesque property spans over 28 hectares backing onto the Tolosa Park Reserve. The College features modern learning facilities, with building development and new technology continually evolving. Students enjoy access to multiple playing fields and sporting facilities, developmental play equipment, up-to-date science laboratories, well-resourced multi-media libraries and specialist learning areas for languages other than English, food studies, trade training, performing arts, and sports studies.

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