First Nations Focus

This term, our Year 7-10 First Nations students embarked on an enriching journey during their recent visit to St Virgil’s College. Beyond exploration, this excursion became a platform for cultivating cultural knowledge and fostering connections. Guided by Jamie Graham Blair, a trawlwoolway and plengarmairenner palawa man, the excursion began by honouring the sacred bond between the land and First Nation peoples, providing insight into how the land has enriched their ancestors throughout history. Throughout the day, a range of diverse activities unfolded, including the opportunity to engage in yarning, bushwalking, crafting their own pair of clap sticks, twining a bracelet, exploring native plant medicinal and food knowledge, participating in ceremonial practices, and learning sustainable land stewardship. Jamie introduced these traditions while upholding cultural protocols set by his ancestors and elders. Upon reflection, the students celebrated the wealth of knowledge gained, friendships formed, and a deepened appreciation for cultural practices. Looking ahead, there’s anticipation among the students for their return to St Virgil’s in Term 4. The impact of this excursion resonates in the newfound understanding of cultural heritage and the unity and respect it fostered. Our gratitude extends to Jamie Graham-Blair for hosting us on Country for the day and Ms Lorbach for accompanying us.

Ms Michelle O’Grady - Aboriginal Liaison